A few words about me:

I come from a performing arts background.  I studied at the Atlantic Theater Company through NYU Tisch School of the Arts.  After graduating I worked off-Broadway and did small films and commercials.

In 2006, I went to Burning Man for the first time and my interest shifted rapidly to making large-scale sculpture.  In 2008, I founded Animus Arts with David Ort and Annie Vainchenker.  Most of the work seen on this site was produced under that brand.  I closed Animus Arts in 2013 to continue making art under my own name.

I try to focus on making objects and experiences that leave people inspired, uplifted and in a state of wonder and play.  I try hard to make all my work participatory where the project is not truly complete until physically, intellectually and emotionally engaged by others. The more a person can immerse themselves in a piece, the more rewarding it is for me.  I'm currently most drawn to geometry, tessellation, and repetition of pattern which I think is probably the most recurrent theme in what is represented here.

I appreciate you viewing my work.  I also want to publically acknowledge all the visionaries, wildcards and daredevils that have gone before us down the centuries.  To the ones who chose to buy paint over food, to the ones who were laughed out of the institutions and kept on working, to the way-makers, the soothsayers, and the weird ones who just HAD to say it in their own way... thank you for going first.


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